How to Choose an Engagement Ring

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How to choose an Engagement Ring?

Planning on popping the question, or want to give your partner some helpful hints? We help you choose the ultimate engagement ring with a look at 4 popular engagement ring trends, styles and stone settings that are big right now…

Do I go with a classic diamond engagement ring? Are solitaire settings always  popular, and is rose gold still fashionable? Should I choose a vintage engagement ring? When you’re ready to pop the big question, there are so many more important ones to answer! Apart from your home and car, your engagement ring may well be one of the biggest investments you’ll make! You don’t want to just like it – you need to love it! The first thing to remember though is there’s no one size fits all – it’s about personal preference, individual style and values. And when it comes to how much to spend on an engagement ring – there is definitely no wrong or right answer because it simply depends on your budget. The key is to take your time, do your research – and enjoy it! To help you start making some choices, here’s a look at 4 popular engagement ring trends right now…

Bespoke Engagement Rings – it’s all about you

We’re living in the age of individuality and personal expression – and bespoke jewellery is a huge part of this. More and more people are looking for unique jewellery pieces that truly stand out and make an impression… And that’s especially true when it comes to one of your greatest investments – your engagement ring. At Gleeson Goldsmith’s we’ve built our name and reputation on designing superior, special bespoke jewellery for our clients – and our team is here to give you the advice your need to create your own engagement ring, true to your dream design. And there’s so much to play with – from halo settings and princess cut diamonds to cathedral settings and vintage engagement rings – we’ll give you all the options.

Engagement and Diamond Rings     

Yellow Gold Engagement Rings – the big come-back

Years back, yellow gold was the go-to colour metal for engagement rings – but for the last decade, tastes changed to white gold and platinum. More recently though, more and more couples are opting for engagement rings and wedding bands in classic 18ct. yellow gold – but with an updated, contemporary spin. Split shanks, a hidden pavé or unusual-cut diamonds such as shields or trillions – are all taking yellow gold to the next level. The beauty is, a yellow gold engagement ring has such a lovely warm tone which is very complementary to most skin tones, while it also requires less maintenance than white gold and needs no re-plating. Talk to us about what colour metal will best suit your taste and style.

Oval Cluster in Yellow Gold

Coloured Gemstone Engagement Ringsthe colours of love

Nothing stands out and makes a statement quite like a bold hue. Kate Middleton did it, then Meghan showed us how to sparkle! Katy Perry did it too, and so did Princess Eugenie: engagement rings in beautiful bursts of colour! Coloured gemstones are making a huge come-back – and gorgeous shades of yellow, red, green, pink, blue and purple are right on-trend. But whereas traditionally these would be set in a diamond halo surround, today’s choice is a simpler, more contemporary ring design – where the coloured stone is the hero of the piece. Divine!

Sapphire and Diamond Ring in 18ct. Yellow Gold

Multi-Stone Magic – more is more

Unconventional, a little bit edgy and a whole lot beautiful! Choose a multi-stone ring and you’ve got the freedom to combine different cuts of stones, creative designs and interesting bands to add to the look. Nothing says Art Deco like a combination of baguette and triangle cut diamonds. Side-stone diamond rings feature with smaller diamonds alongside the ring’s main diamond are eternally classic, while modern, diamond-studded bands are shining bright right now.

Emerald Cut Diamond Ring

Whether you choose a right-on-trend ring or something more classic, selecting your engagement ring is always going to be less about fashion and more about style. Beautiful, timeless style that will please you as much in 20 years’ time as it does now. At Gleeson Goldsmiths we’ve helped hundreds of couples find the ring of a lifetime – taking time to understand your preferences, personality, lifestyle and budget. Call us to make an appointment – and let’s choose beautiful, together.

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