All you need to know about Platinum

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How can you be sure you are buying platinum?

By law all platinum jewellery must be hallmarked to show it’s pure platinum content. You will find the hallmark inside the band: 950 – means it is 95% pure platinum.

Platinum is a very rare metal found in few places globally, but it is in high demand. Its unique properties mean that aside from jewellery, industry relies on platinum.

It is found in applications like catalytic converters to reduce exhaust emissions, computer hard disc drives, and it plays a vital role in heart pacemakers and anti-cancer treatments. Another reason for jewellery is the purity of platinum used. A platinum ring is generally 95% pure platinum compared with 18 karat gold is 75% pure gold.

What is the difference between platinum and white gold?

Platinum is naturally white and will never loose it’s brilliant lustre. Gold is naturally yellow. White gold is yellow gold that has been mixed with other metals to whiten it and is often plated with rhodium, which in time wears off so regular re-plating is often required to maintain its whiteness.

Platinum is also more dense than gold so a platinum ring weighs 40% than the same design in 18 carat gold. Platinum’s tactile feel and reassuring weight cannot be matched by any other precious metal.

Can I wear platinum if I have sensitive skin?

Because of its purity platinum jewelley is hypoallergenic, therefore ideal for sensitive skin.

Does platinum scratch?

All precious metals scratch, and platinum is no exception. However, unlike other precious metals, when platinum scratches there is no measurable metal loss and the piece maintains its integrity and mass. No other precious metal survives generations of wear so beautifully.

What is the difference between platinum and palladium?

Palladium is a platinum group metal, which means it shares some of the properties of platinum, and has a similar white appearance. Platinum, however has an established history as a jewellery metal, and is much denser than palladium. A platinum ring weigh 65% more than a palladium ring of the same design and purity.

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