Resetting of a Masterpiece

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How We Re-Set A Priceless 3ct Family Heirloom

“The fire of the diamond of true identity is always there; it just needs the
master’s crafting to reveal it.” 
Kenneth G. Mills

It’s not an easy call to improve on perfection. Challenging to take a piece of timeless, pure and flawless brilliance and give it new life, to be loved and treasured in a beautiful new way. And when that piece of perfection is endowed with history and the memories of generations past, what a privilege it is to even hold it, let alone try to reinvent it. But this was precisely the responsibility handed to us at Gleeson Goldsmiths when we were asked for the re-design of an exquisite, 3ct family heirloom diamond ring. This is the story of how we helped define one of the most refined pieces of beauty ever to grace our workshop…

History in Our Hands

The story began back in March when a family arrived at our workshop, with a truly unique request. The family’s daughter was recently engaged, and the ring she had been given was a family heirloom. It had originally belonged to her grandmother, whose son had inherited it before passing it on to our very lucky client.  One look at this beauty told us this was no ordinary ring: dating back to the early 1900s, it was a magnificent 3ct diamond ring. Rich with age and history, here was a ring that was quite literally valued as – priceless. 

A Matter of Trust

Our client had her heart set on sealing her engagement with this exquisite piece, but because of the ring’s age, the claws were badly worn which meant there was a great risk of the diamond falling out and being lost. Re-setting the diamond was necessary for the ring to be wearable. We were honoured that the family had travelled far to see us, having heard of our reputation and feeling sure we were the only goldsmiths they could trust to undertake this extraordinary project. 

Crafting Perfection

After much planning, design and discussion, Brian set about re-setting the ring. To complement our client’s taste and style, and add a hint of contemporary to the historical piece, the diamond was reset in beautiful platinum. Simple and stunning.
“From start to finish, I felt the enormity and responsibility of the project. Every bit of pressure from the stone pusher, every movement of the frazer – it had to be exact. I think I was sweating from start to finish!”  – Brian Gleeson 

Celebrating Generations of Love

When we presented the completed ring to our client, we’ll never forget the pure delight on her face.  “I knew Brian would showcase my incredible diamond to its absolute finest – and the result is breathtaking. I’m thrilled that I can now wear the ring, without worrying about losing the stone.” 

That this priceless piece has been given new life, and in time can be passed on to a next generation of loving couples, completes the story beautifully – and makes our job at Gleeson Goldsmiths, the ultimate reward.

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