Buying a Bespoke Diamond Ring

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Your Personal Guide to Bespoke Beauty.

“Every love story is beautiful, but ours is my favourite.”

It’s your ‘one moment’. You’ve found ‘the one’ and you’re ready to share your one perfect love with the world with that one perfect engagement ring… A bespoke piece that beautifully represents the individuality and unique magic of your union. But how do you make sure that your investment in a ring to last a lifetime, lives up to your expectations?  Whether you’re choosing your ring as a couple, or you’re surprising your partner – there are some basic golden rules to follow to make sure your bespoke ring sparkles as the singular sensation you need it to be.

Choose an Expert You Trust

Once you’ve decided your want a bespoke ring – custom-made to the design you want – the first rule is to make sure you choose a qualified, experienced and highly-skilled goldsmith. As well as selecting a jeweller with a reputation for creating individual pieces, it’s important that you choose a professional who shares your vision, understands what you want to achieve, and is creatively inspirational. At Gleeson Goldsmith’s, individuality and the personal approach is part of our signature:  we’re everything that a high-street jeweller isn’t. We have years of experience creating jewellery according to our clients’ chosen designs – and our in-house goldsmiths and designers are here to give you the advice your need, share ideas and bring your dream to life.         

Think About Your Budget

Not to bring things back down to earth too quickly – but knowing how much you can spend on your ring, and working with this figure in mind, helps both you and your jeweller. One of the common myths about bespoke rings is that they will always be more expensive; in fact the very opposite can be true, as the design specifications can be built completely around the price you have in mind. You get the exact result you want, without going over your budget.

Do Your Homework

Information-gathering is your best friend when it comes to choosing a bespoke ring. The more boxes you can tick, the easier it will be for you and your jeweller to create the perfect piece – especially if you are thinking of surprising your partner with a ring. 

Some of the things you should bear in mind are:

  • What’s your partner’s style in jewellery – antique, traditional or contemporary?
  • What metal colour will you choose? Consider what colour gold your partner wears most often, and also think about what best compliments their skin tone. Remember – choosing the metal colour of an engagement ring is not a fashion choice, it’s a commitment your partner will wear every day.
  • Do you have some reference material of designs you like?
  • Might your partner’s lifestyle impact on the kind of ring you choose?
  • What wedding band might you be considering? Will you and your partner have matching rings?
  • What useful hints and clues to taste can you get from those close to your partner? You’ll be amazed how much ‘inside information’ a best friend can share.

Keep the Sparkle

The wedding is just the start of your long life together, and your engagement ring needs to be looked after to go the distance! To last a lifetime, your ring will need to be serviced regularly and professionally cleaned. We’re here to give your ring all the TLC it needs through the years… We will steam-clean and polish your ring to make sure it retains its sparkle, and will regularly check the ring’s claws and structure for safety.

The best advice of course, is to keep an open mind, take your time and spend time talking with your jeweller. At Gleeson Goldsmiths we promise you completely customised care throughout and the kind of attention-to-the-last-detail that makes all the difference.

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